August 6, 2019

Moving forward the impostor syndrome

This article is a transcript of the eponymous talk I gave to Riviera Dev in Nice on May 16, 2019 and at VoxxedDays Luxembourg on June 22, 2019. The talk was filmed at Luxembourg, so you can watch it on Youtube (in french): Slides are also available online: The principle of this transcript is simple: I first put the slide and then below the associated text / speech. ... Read more

July 4, 2019

Le syndrome de l'imposteur, kezako ?

Cet article est un transcript du talk éponyme que j’ai donné à Riviera Dev à Nice le 16 mai 2019 et au VoxxedDays Luxembourg le 22 juin 2019. Le talk à été filmé au Luxembourg, vous pouvez donc le visionner sur YouTube : Les slides sont également en ligne : Le principe de ce transcript est simple : je met d’abord la slide puis en-dessous le texte/le speech associé. ... Read more

May 5, 2018

Manage Multiple Environments With Terraform Workspaces

The beginning When you want to manage (create, modify and remove) your infrastructure, getting started with Terraform is easy. Just create files ending with .tf containing the description of the resources you want to have. For example, if we want to create a small infrastructure in AWS cloud provider: a S3 bucket (for terraform) a S3 bucket (for our website) a S3 bucket (for website logs) a CloudFront distribution (without SSl for this example) We just need to create some . ... Read more

May 3, 2018

Struggle With Librdkafka

The beginning For an event driven microservice project in golang that was supposed to communicate with the Kafka message broker, among other things, I decided to use the confluent kafka go client. To connect to a Kafka and create a producer and / or a consumer, the grip is super fast. Perfect. Ah … but you have to use a librdkafka library. Whats is that? librdkafka is the Apache Kafka C/C++ library. ... Read more

May 1, 2018

When I grow up I would like ...

Several years ago, if I had been asked what I would have liked to do when I grew up, I think I would never have thought of making the list that you will see below. I have been a developer for more than 12 years, doing Front, back, devops, big data and a period as lead developer. I am passionate about my work and I like to share with others. This thirst for sharing and mutual help made me immerse myself in associative work and communities of developers and meetups. ... Read more

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